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Stable cave

Shelter for animals and rigging

The stable housed the donkeys, mules or horses, as well as their rigging. If it had more than one room, the second room was used for storing tools and for storing non-perishable foodstuffs such as grain, almonds, dried plants, etc. 

Sometimes it communicated with the house, providing it with the heat given off by the animals. Other small hollows where chickens, pigs or goats were sheltered usually accompanied stables in caves.

The Cattle Dealer

"The cattle dealer considers himself to be the bearer of the whole Romani aristocracy, which is personified not only in the hereditary succession from father to son, but also in the ease and ease with which he is able to make deals, or to sell and buy the pestis (beasts) of his property". The Romani knows the anatomy of any horse perfectly, without ever having attended any veterinary class, and with the same ease they can catalogue a horse at a glance ( ) as they can compose the most effective concoction with which they revive and revive the most starved and finished of the pestis".