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Our educational project

Sacromonte Caves Museum ethnological and environmental interpretation center of the Darro River Valley offers a program adapted to several educational levels from early childhood education to the second stage of compulsory secondary education 1 and 2 of E.S.O and adult education, designed for a temporary development of approximately 2 hours.

The visit is divided into two tours that will take place in the Museum itself:

Through the caves of the Museum we will learn about the history, ways of life, customs and traditional trades of Sacromonte.

In it we will contemplate the environment and the landscape, we will know how the valley was formed geologically, the traditional use of its plants and its agriculture. From the lookout point and with the help of the model we will situate Sacromonte in relation to the city, we will talk about the Darro river valley "Valparaiso", the Royal irrigation ditch, the Alhambra and the legends of the valley.

Main goal

The main goal of this visit is to make the students aware of the environmental and cultural environment of the Darro River Valley as a heritage area of the city and its surroundings.

Specific goals

  • Get to know the history of the Sacromonte neighborhood.
  • To locate the Sacromonte neighborhood in the geographical environment of Granada.
    To learn about a cave as a type of substandard housing.
  • To learn about some of the traditional crafts of our culture.
  • Get to know and understand this natural environment.

General activities

  • Observation of the environment: recognition of the most significant elements of the natural and monumental landscape (a river, a forest, the Alhambra, the city).
  • Get in touch with the plants: appreciate the smells of different aromatic species, the traditional vegetable garden (farming tools and utensils), shapes and colors.
  • Visit the caves: tour of the museum of customs and popular arts, the house, the kitchen, the stable, and the handicrafts (pottery, basketry, wrought iron, loom).

Guided tour: 

5€ per student

Self-guided tour: 

3€ per student

Download our
didactic workbooks:

Our workshops

All workshops must be accompanied by one of the following types of visits to the Museum

Flamenco percussion workshop

Through clapping, guitar and dance, students are introduced to the first notions of flamencoinitiating them to the rhythm of rumbas and tangos of the Sacromonte Way.

Workshop duration:

  • 1 hour (Group from 15 to 25 people)
  • 2 hours (Groups over 25 people).

Granada pottery workshop

The activity structure could be based on this sequence:

  1. Presentation and brief explanation of the pottery process
  2. Demonstration of a primitive and practical construction technique : manual modeling bowl by pinching or rolling.
  3. Pottery demonstration with several home-made lathes (adapted mop bucket).
  4. Participants will practice turning individually or collaborating in teams following the instructions of the ceramist.

If the drying of the pieces allows it, and according to the rhythm of the session, some decorative technique could be introduced.

  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours.
  • Number of participants: maximum 15 per group
  • Materials included: Red clay. The clay can be easily reused after each use. Participants can take home some dried clay.

Plants to stamp and learn

Recognition visit of plants, their uses and utilities..

Selection of a three plants maximum, to move on to the practical part where you will learn how to print with plants creating a composition on fabric or heavyweight paper, with the selected plants and add their uses and benefits. In this way, each participant will create a postcard where in addition to developing their critical and aesthetic thinking, will settle botanical knowledge.

  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

  • Number of participants: Minimum 10 and maximum 15 per instructor.

  • Materials included:

    • To transfer plants and flowers on fabric or paper: Mallet or hammer.

    • A piece of cotton fabric, linen or porous material such as wood or textured paper

    • Another piece of porous material to cover the flowers and plants and not stain the hammer.

    • A hard surface to hit. A wooden board.

Sacromonte Meme Tour

Through a visit/workshop to the museum we will create a space for the genesis of transmedia content about the Sacromonte Caves Museum and the point of view of the visitors. The visitor will be an active part in a collaborative creation process where he/she will synthesize what has been learned through memes.

We propose to turn each cave into a space-laboratory where the "Sacromonte meme tour" will take place. In them, visitors will generate visual content from meme templates, taking as a reference elements of Sacromonte, their own experience and learning during the visit and using the cell phone as a medium.

  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

  • Number of participants: Minimum 10 and maximum 18 per instructor.

  • Materials included: Paper copies of the most emblematic memes.

In "Sacromonte Meme Tour" we will work with free webs such as, o for content creation.

In principle, visitors' personal cell phones or tablets will be used to create the memes.