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Blacksmith fundamentals

Iron has always played an important role in the history of mankind and its evolution. Weapons, plows and hammers began to be made of iron some 5,000 years ago.

The blacksmith's work gives rise to sculptural elements, artistically made with the hammer. 

Twisted bars, ornamental motifs in flowers, leaves, animals, etc... reflect the creative temperament of master iron artisans.

Granada is a city in which this art survives, producing grilles, furniture and lanterns that give us proof of it. 

The blacksmiths accompany their work singing the wounded and deep copla of a sonorous "Martinete":

"Your heart is harder
than a blacksmith's hammer, 
the harder I hit it, 
the harder the steel gets."

Metals mastery

"It is of common knowledge the fondness that the Romani have always shown for iron and in general, for all metals, managing to make with them true works of art and value. Some, collecting patches, others fixing bedsteads or umbrellas, others, putting reeds in the basins, etc.. But, most of them, in tasks that have some relation with metal, iron or its derivatives".